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In had been two months after the defeat of Majin Buu. Things had returned to normal after everything had been restored to its original state before the threat of Majin Buu. Gohan and Videl had soon after returning from the lookout, confessed their love to each other. And since then, they had been dating secretly behind their parent’s back. The reason? To save Gohan from having Chi-chi bug him about grandchildren, or having Goku team up with Krillin to tease him about having a girlfriend. But however, for Videl it is much more serious, for she knew that her father Hercule would forbid her to get close to anyone of the opposite sex, being overly protective of her.

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Satan was apparently a single father. Videl had heard a lot of talk about the Golden Warrior and attempted to hunt him down. Videl was still able to connect the dots and realized that the Golden Warrior and the Great Saiyaman were one and the same.

Unknown to Pan, Gohan knew that she and Trunks had been dating for There, Gohan and Videl met up with #18, Krillin, Bulma, Vegeta, and.

Brought to you by: Sailor, SD and Gue. Videl gave him a weak smile and cast her eyes back to the menu. She hoped the food was good; she was really hungry. Her entire morning and afternoon was spent out of town — pulling out survivors of a collapsed bridge. So far, this date was a bust. To think, she’d let Erasa drag her out to an exclusive boutique for this overpriced outfit she was wearing.

What a waste. Videl rolled her eyes in irritation. The guy had been interesting enough in all their conversations on-line, but since meeting her face to face, since finding out her real identity… he was turning out to be like all the rest. So you’re thee Videl Satan, wow.

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Since Christmas was coming around the corner, we decided to give each other a nice little gift. She claimed it was to give me practice writing romance, or something like that lol. So with humor being my strong suit with a side of perviness, this is what I came up with. This is for you Kisa! Hope you enjoy it! And Merry Christmas!

: Anime 2. Beginning recently later Goku defeated Piccolo at the 23 Tenkaichi Budoukai; only difference is Goku will be a.

Gohan’s eyes opened. He looked at the ceiling, took a deep breath, and sighed relaxingly. It was the first day of peace on earth, at least for now. He placed his foot on the wooden floor of his house, rubbed his hand through his black hair, and walked into the kitchen where his whole family was already eating. Goten looked as if he was trying to compete with his father, but had decided that there was no use. He just sat and listened as his mother screamed and his father would say the craziest things to make her mad.

His whole life he had become somewhat accustomed to this very thing. Of course it had subsided a little when his father had ‘died’. After breakfast he took a shower and got dressed. It was weird doing all of this normal stuff again. After all of this time fighting and training, the whole average human thing would take some time getting used to. Unlike her husband, her oldest son actually feared her a bit or actually cared enough to listen to her. I wasn’t planning on not graduating.

Gohan assault videl for sex fanfiction

This episode first aired in Japan on September 29, Its original American airdate was November 27, Gohan is flying with his costume to high school.

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The night after. Gohan meets Videl at her house to finally consumate their relationship, but things don’t really go as planned. LES: You know how inspiration strikes… I never really have the intention of continuing this story, but I came up with the idea and just had to write it. It was a quiet, peaceful evening at the Son Household.

Chi-Chi was busy clearing up the last of the plates from dinner. There was significantly less to clean since the family was down one today. Gohan had called earlier and told his mother that he was going to be gone for the evening, and not to worry about cooking for him. Chi-Chi supposed he was out with his friends, which she completely supported.

Gohan needed the socialization that High School and the normal teenagers there offered. Home schooling him as a boy had lead to his extreme intelligence, but it hadn’t helped much with his people skills. They were mostly laughing about how cheesy the fight scenes looked in comparison to a real fight. They would know, both of them being born and bred Saiyan warriors.

Suddenly, Goku yelled from the living room. Chi-Chi wasn’t shocked, knowing about her husband’s ability to sense Ki.

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Summary: With prom just around the corner, Son Gohan finds himself the target of the many girls looking for the “perfect” prom date. Unfortunately for them, there is only one person he wants to spend such a special night with and Videl is going to make sure that he gets his wish…Shounen Ai. Some how this story just disappeared, so I had to repost it. That’s what I get for messing around with “Fault” and “Blame”.

7/4/ · DBZ the best of Videl and Gohan Videl Saten. After Goku is sent to Hell by accident dragon ball gt episodio 26 latino dating The life ended, once i decided Anime/Manga: Dragon Ball Z fanfiction archive with over 52, stories.

Summary : Videl had been dating Gohan for years, and she was more than ready to take their relationship further. However, she was running out of patience waiting for him to make the first move. She realizes that if she wanted things to move along, she was gonna have to just tell him. Or better yet, show him. Also on Ao3. Keep reading. Gohan: Stop this, Vegeta, the war has to end! Have you lost your mind?! Vegeta: No, I just want every Saiyan to be free.

Hope it works, though! Wide eyes looked up at him, slightly covered by the warm wool hat that Chi-Chi had made for the boy. Well, too big was better than too small he supposed.

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They were watching old kung fu movies, because the acting was horrendously bad and hilarious. Gohan burst into laughter again as the ‘hero’ in the movie said another terrible line. Videl laughed along with him, but her attention wasn’t on the movie. Whenever he was drawn more into the movie, she stole glances at his profile since he was sitting on the couch to her right. Gohan was kind of a dork; his mother didn’t let him watch movies growing up so he would get really into them and sit on the edge of his seat, literally.

It was endearing, though.

Description: dragon ball z xxx videl & gohan. Dbz Goku fucks Videl. Sexy.

I had a hard time writing this one but I think it came out alright. I typed over a thousand words three times and erased it all before I was satisfied with this. Review and let me know what ya think! Gohan makes it back to his home. Although he’s a bit bruised and bloody from his spar with Vegeta his biggest discomfort is the conversation that he and Vegeta had. He’s so wrapped up in his thought’s that he doesn’t even remember the way he looks as he enters his home. He walks in and right past Goku who has his back turned as he digs in the refrigerator for a snack.

We got a phone call from the school nurse and, huh? He turns and sees the shape his son is in and almost drops his snack. Gohan looks at his father a little confused and then he looks down at himself.

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Dragon Ball Z – Rated: K – German – Romance/Humor – Chapters: 1 – Words: 1, – Reviews: 9 – Published: Nov 1, – Gohan, Videl – Complete.

View Badges! Videl-Gohan gallery. Latest Gallery Contributors. Amerhuzairy 1 Deviation Featured: I have no choice. The laughter which can melt the hearts of even the darkest creatures in the universe. As time flew by, the laughter only grew harder. Their eyes shone in excitement from laughi. This is all thanks to the wonderful Akira Toriyama.

XXX Videl once believed she had her entire life figured out. She had envisioned overcoming her father and becoming champion of the World Martial Arts Tournament, showing the all the world the hard work she had put into herself. She always imagined officially joining the police force after graduating from high school and rising through the ranks to become chief. She wanted to be like a general who led their troops from the front lines and take down any criminals who caused trouble for her city.

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