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Why bother? God’s rich gift of prayer in the believer’s life is often neglected. Yet our Savior Jesus often visited the Father in prayer. He knew what we, his followers, must discover: prayer is heart-talk with our loving God.

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One of my favorite classes as a Communication Studies major back in college was a Christian Relationships class where various aspects of relationships—friendship, singleness, dating, marriage, family, etc. I think one of the reasons I find this topic so interesting is because we were created by a relational God who created us for connection , and relationships are so incredibly vital to each of our lives in one way or another. This makes me want to continually grow in learning how to do them well.

In particular, dating and romantic relationships are something I love learning about. In the beginning God created man and woman, and ever since we have been asking questions about love, marriage, sex, and romance. Loveology is an exploration of what the Bible has to say about the never ending story of male and female. Listen to Loveology Series by Bridgetown Church.

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Recent Rooted Podcast Rooted Podcast Rss Feed Relationships 3 – God’s Good Design for Dating. Date, Speaker, Play, Download. 2/9/20 Sun 3 PM.

Podcast: Play in new window Download Duration: — The ultimate Christian dating question: How in the world do we date healthily in our communities? But rather, how do we today actually date in our church communities respectfully and lovingly? JP laughs and answers that probably passivity is one of the biggest frustrations he sees. We could NOT agree more. It seems there is an overwhelming fear of rejection for individuals who are hesitant to ask others out. Many guys are going into marriage not even with an addiction to sex but an addiction to variety which is the enemy of monogamy.

Lastly, JP says there is a wave of discontentment with many women and they are not sure how to handle that. They often go to one of two extremes to handle this discontentment and neither option is actually healthy. Kait and JP switch gears as Kait asks how someone can actually healthily ask someone out within the context of community. I promise I fully empathize that it feels extremely difficult to get the courage to do that.

The way that you do that is you go up to her, you look her in the eyes and you say I would like to spend some intentional time with you would you like to go out with me this Thursday at 7pm? If they do they should go away immediately.

018: Dating in Community with Jonathan JP Pokluda

Podcast: Play in new window Download. Christian Courtship and Dating. Does the Bible say anything about courtship and dating? If a man desires to be married, how should he pursue a Christian lady? What kinds of things should a man or woman be looking for in a potential spouse?

The great prize in dating is not Christ-centered intimacy, but Christ-centered clarity. Sermon. Single in Christ: A Name Better Than Sons and Daughters.

Dating in America is almost exclusively driven by an obsession with personal happiness and getting what we want. As Christians, we must be radically different from the world when we approach romantic relationships. Obviously, we must abstain from sex before marriage, but it goes much deeper than that. Today we look at how Christians should seek, not only to find a good spouse, but to please God in this whole process, so that their relationships honor God and reveal that He is trustworthy in all things.

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Is Purity all that Matters in Christian Dating? World of Lies: A Concealed Threat. Hypocrites Go to Church Too. Breaking Free from the Trap of Self-Pity. Navigating Painful Emotions in a Crisis.

Relationships 3 – God’s Good Design for Dating

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Curate podcast playlists for friends or yourself. Access your playlist in any podcast player using a RSS feed. Create a playlist. Radiant Church Weekend Sermon. Questions from this message: Is it wrong to use dating apps to try and find a partner or should I be pursuing church functions small groups, sunday mornings, etc to find a christian spouse? How do you stay content being single when that is a desire of your heart and many people in your immediate friend group are in a relationship?

Does God plan who you will marry? Is it okay to live with my boyfriend if we know we are getting married soon? Is every person destined to be in a relationship or are some people destined to be single? How do I move forward trying to not have sex if I have in past relationships?

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Submit Blog Do you want more traffic, leads, and sales? Submit your blog below if you want to grow your traffic and revenue. Submit Your Blog. About Podcast Kristen and Bethany discusses the challenges of dating in the modern world as Christian women. They talk about guys you should want to date, guys to stay away from, online dating tips, wise time management and so much more.

Facebook fans San Diego, CA About Podcast If you’re a single Christian woman who loves her single life, yet desperately wants to get married, then tune in! Join Starr Burroughs as she uncovers the truth behind why so many women are single and what they can do about it. Married now for 7 years, she brings insight into Christian relationship and dating culture and empowers the single woman to live life confidently and boldly. About Podcast In the spin of Christian dating?

Join Candice Candelaria and Matt Barrios as they collect honest stories to find liberating wisdom for discovery and companionship.

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It should come as no surprise to us that God has much to say about romantic love. In the Song of Solomon God has given us a divine manual on romantic relationships, taking us from the initial attraction between a couple through courtship, deepening intimacy and marriage. Listen on Apple Podcasts.

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The archive can also be search by date range or book of the Bible using the form below. Download or listen to the latest sermons directly in your browser. You can also search for previous sermons using the form below. What God’s Word teaches us is fully true, but what He reveals to us is not truly full. That means we believers must always maintain a low threshold for mystery in our walk with God. Not everything we experience along the way will fit into our preconceived boxes.

The Christian life is by no means a paint-by-the-numbers picture. Jesus continues to work, preach, and suffer through His people. And yet our deepest comfort in all of this is that He is with us! Christ identifies with us not only in His substitutionary death, but in our ongoing lives. Hear the voice of Christ today: ‘Fear not I am with you! It has been said that if it is false, Christianity is unimportant. If it is true, it is supremely important.

Breakaway Single / Dating / Engaged / Married Part 3: Who – with ASL Interpretation

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